Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding - Friday Fun Fact

Today is a day for all Royal fans...including me....ROYAL SOFT-GRIP BRUSHES!!!!

They are my favourite brand of brushes....They are a very good price and are of excellent quality. They have a great range of brushes, from "regular" brushes (flats, liners, rounds, filberts) to "Specialty" brushes (fans, foliages).

I've had some of my Royal brushes for more than 10 years....and as many know, I'm not the best at giving my brushes a good cleaning (with Murphy's Oil Soap....see a previous Friday Fun Fact) after every painting session. These brushes hold up to my abuse!

So today after you have watched the Royal event over and over again and had your tea and crumpets, head out to your local craft and art supply store and try a Royal Soft-Grip brush. You'll like it!

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