Featured Work

Always Remember

This painting has been featured as a step-by-step painting in my blog as well as my favourite painting of 2012. Check it out!

Stars of the Sea

Monotype artwork is a new addition to my artworks in 2012. This original print features sea stars, or starfish as they are more commonly known. Check out more information on my Monotype Prints....

Off the Beaten Path

A sandladder....climbing to the top of a dune. Thanks to Melanie Whalen for the photo from which I painted this piece.


Artsy Doodles

More new artwork types in 2012....this Candycane is what I like to call an Artsy Doodle. It is a very freeing artform and I enjoy working on these....a lot of detail work, which I really enjoy. These original pieces will be available on my Etsy store.


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