Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday Fun Fact - Q-Tips

Sorry...Friday has come and gone...but a tip (no pun intended) is ready to go....

Q-Tips can be your best friend when painting.....

Sometimes you paint something you shouldn't....quickly wet a Q-Tip and lightly rub over the paint you don't want to stay on your painting. As long as you get the paint before it has completely dried, you can remove your boo boo.

However, if you think Q-Tips can only help you when things go wrong, think again.....

You can actually paint using a Q-Tip! Small berries are quick and easy with the end of a Q-Tip that has been dipped in one (or two) colours of paint. Press the Q-Tip straight down firmly and give a slight twist when lifting. Presto - a berry!

I've also used a Q-Tip to lightly bend the edge of a colour into another when applying a new colour over top of an existing dry colour.

I'm sure there are many other painting-related uses for Q-Tips.....Please share!!!

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