Brenda is a local award-winning artist who produces original artwork from her own photography. She has a Master’s degree in Biology from Memorial University and this has influenced her artwork within the detail of her animal and nature scenes she paints. To further her development and perspective in painting, she has participated in classes and gained guidance from locally acclaimed artists, including Gerry Squires, Don Short, and Margaret Best. 
Brenda has many original paintings and reproductions available for sale, including the award-winning "Beckoning" (adjudicated by Ed Roche). She is available for commission artwork and sells her original photography as well. She also has several gifts products available, featuring her prints and original art.

Brenda has participated in many local art shows and her work can be found displayed throughout Canada (Alberta, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and of course Newfoundland and Labrador), the United States, and Germany.

Brenda is also one of the founding members of Arts Northeast, a recently formed local visual art group, formed to provide support, networking, and exhibition opportunities. Click on the Arts Northeast tab of my website for more details about the artists in the group and our next exhibition.


The detail found in nature is the foundation of my paintings. My main influences are primarily the flora and fauna of my home Newfoundland and Labrador; however, I also find inspiration throughout the world. My own photography is the reference for many of my paintings. Form, texture and colour fascinate me and are apparent in my subjects.

My recent focus is creating monochromatic landscapes. I find using a value-based colour palette a very dramatic way to express a particular subject matter. I have several monochromatic pieces available now, but wish to increase the number of paintings available in this format.

I enjoy learning about each person’s view of my paintings as everyone takes something different from the same subject. I also enjoy teaching others to explore their own inspirations to complete paintings of their own.