Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's been a while.....

Since I much going on....I've got 2 paintings going at of a Sand Ladder from a pix courtesy of a great photograher and biologist from Ontario (Melanie) and the second of a close-up of grass with dew on the blades from a pix courtesy of a friend of my Aunt Michele in Ontario (Shannon). I see a pattern here....pix not taken by me and all taken by people in Ontario...interesting!

Some big plans are shaping up for some exhibits...stay tuned for more on the shows at a later date....planning art exhibitions takes a lot more time than one would think....especially when you are trying to do it right!

Hopefully the Sand Ladder will be posted on the blog by the end of this week....the grass painting is rather large...30" x 40", so it will take a little while to get that one finished.

And when that one is complete, on to a pix of Pouch Cove (I took this pix!).

I'll be getting back to the Friday Fun Facts starting this week as well....March was just MADNESS!!! (Thanks to those who supported the March Madness Sale!!!)

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