Saturday, June 30, 2012

WEEK 1: Christmas in JULY

Week 1 : July 1 - 6


I am closing the printing on some of my open edition prints and there are only a few left....get them while they are still available:

Beckoning (large 18.5" x 9") - Regular $36, now only $25
Blue Flag Iris (8" x 10") - Regular $20, now only $10
Calla Lily (8" x 10") - Regular $20, now only $15
Canada Lily (8" x 10") - Regular $20, now only $10
Carbonear Homestead (10" x 8") - Regular $20, now only $15 (only 1 remaining)
Hills of Torbay (11" x 9") - Regular $25, now only $20
One (8" x 10") - Regular $20, now only $15 (only 2 remaining)
Sitting Pretty (8" x 10") - Regular $20, now only $10
Tomorrow's Promise (large 18.5" x 9") - Regular $36, now only $25 (only 2 remaining)
Tomorrow's Promise (small 8.5" x 4") - Regular $18, now only $10
Viking Vinland (large 12" x 10") - Regular $36, now only $25
Viking Vinland (small 6" x 5") - Regular $18, now only $10
Winter Tranquility (7" x 5") - Regular $15, now only $10

I also have some Artist Proofs (AP) available, in various sizes (mostly a different size than the print run, so it is ONE OF A KIND!). These Artist Proofs have never been offered for sale before! ONLY ONE OF EACH AVAILABLE!!!
Beckoning AP (7.5" x 15.5) - $25
Calla Lily AP (11" x 14") - $25
Canada Lily AP (11" x 14") - $25
Carbonear Homestead AP (11.5" x 15") - $30
Red Sky at Night AP (8" x 10") - $20
Sitting Pretty AP (11.5" x 15") - $30
Tomorrow's Promise AP (6" x 11.5") - $25
Viking Vinland AP (11.5" x 14.5") - $25
Winter Tranquility AP (8" x 10") - $20


You see it every year around this time....Sale Flyers for BOXING DAY and CHRISTMAS in I thought I'd see what all of the fuss is about!

There are 4 weeks (and a half) in July and I'm going to have a different SALE each week...starting tomorrow, July 1st.

Check out my blog and/or website each week in July to see what is on sale!!! The first Week's sales will be posted later tonight.

Please place your orders directly through me by e-mail ( or by telephone (709-437-7693).

Merry Christmas in JULY!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Exciting News for July

Life has been as busy as it always is.....but I've had an idea floating around in my head for a few years, but just never got around to it...So, this year I'm going to do it! Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in a few days about JULY!!! Check my blog, Facebook or Twitter for details on Saturday.....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

More Galleries Carrying my Artwork

I'm excited to share that this past weekend I had more of my original artwork accepted into two more galleries!

My first stop was to visit with Viola at the Picture Frame at 81 Elizabeth Drive in Gander. We had a fine conversation about art and Viola picked out two of my absolute favourite originals to display - the award-winning Beckoning (lighthouse) and one of more recent paintings Cattails (monochromatic). She also took many of my prints as well, particularly some of my smaller prints which are affordable gifts and souvenirs. Among the prints available at Picture Frame includes the winter scene Winter Tranquility from a picture taken near Glenwood by my father-in-law and prints of Tomorrow's Promise, the original of which was purchased by Steele Hotels and hangs in Gander at the restaurant in the Albatross Hotel. If you are in Gander, pop in and visit with Viola - they do great custom framing.

My second stop was to visit with Kathy Sweetapple (a fellow artist and art educator) at House of Diamonds at 1 Main Street South in Glovertown, just a couple of minutes off the Trans Canada Highway. Kathy was busily painting away when we arrived with my original artwork. Originally we had discussed 4-5 pieces, but I brought extra so Kathy could choose....well, she took everything I had with me! Not everything will be displayed at once, but if you visit you may be able to find - Beauty (red tulip), Breaking Dawn (seascape), Floating Majesty (saltbox house and iceberg), Gros Morne Treasures (lighthouse and Gros Morne mountain), Icy Blue (iceberg), Nooks and Crannies (seascape), On Guard (lighthouse), Spring Showers Bring... (tulips in rubber boots), Wishes (fluffy dandelion), and a set of four flowers Delicate White, Fushia, Peachy and Yellow Shasta. House of Diamonds will have numerous pieces of local artwork for the season, drop by and also learn about the Diamond's beautiful home that has been transformed into a fabulous art gallery!