Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall has Arrived and Painting is at the Forefront

It's been a while since I've had a chance to post....summer weather, vacation planning and then actual vacation has made me remiss in posting. I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer.

However, I haven't been absent from my artwork or planning for Fall events! I'm going to catch you up quickly and let you in on some secrets coming soon!

My art group Arts Northeast have been busy planning an event which is confirmed for December 1st. More details on this event will follow in the next weeks.

I was busy painting several paintings for a gallery (by request of the gallery) and a couple of commission paintings were in the works as well. One of these commissions is complete and in the hands of the new owners and the other is a large mural which is still in the planning stages...this looks like it will be my winter project.

Family vacation planning and then the actual three week vacation took up some of August and all of September. Safely home yesterday and I have started in earnest confirming class registrations for next week.

While on vacation, I was thinking of my plans for the Fall. Well, thinking of this in between purchasing new paint supplies while away. Some great finds and have even managed to use some of them while on vacation. I'll be posting my watercolour painting of a chickadee from my travels in the next day or so.

I've planned a few contests to reward my students and also my loyal followers and customers. More details on these contests will be released in the next few days and weeks as well!

And I'm working on an exciting event for November...I'll be releasing info on this event later in October.

And my quarterly newsletter is due out in October as well.

I look forward to posting more often now that Fall is upon us and sharing with you the events, artwork and other news with you on a more regular basis.


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