Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Middle Cove - Part 3 - Finished!

I have completed the Middle Cove painting....now to name it! Suggestions are welcome.

I'll be dropping it off for framing and printing in the next day or so....Giclee prints will be available in approximately 2 weeks!!! I'm not sure what sizes I'm going to print this one in, so prices can't be determined until I figure out sizes.....

If you may remember, last year I had a contest of sorts for people to submit their photos and an independent judge (Don Short) picked the winning photo! Now, I had picked my top 3 in order and they matched his exactly (I told him this after he picked). Great minds think alike! Or perhaps truth be told, I have learnt a lot from Don over the years and this is the reason we picked the same photo. I may paint numbers 2 and 3 as well sometime in the future..stay tuned....

So here it is, Middle Cove finished and yet unnamed....Suggestions are welcome.


  1. PATIENCE...for you painting the rocks and for the boy in the picture!

  2. Waiting and Watching
    Salt Bucket Thinking