Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday Fun Facts - Murphy's Oil Soap

Sorry, I know I'm a day late.....a lot going on's this week's tip.

Use Murphy's Oil Soap (make sure it is the soap version) to clean your brushes. Rub some MOS into your brush on the palm of your hand to release the paint from the brush. Rinse in warm water and repeat until you do not see traces of paint colour coming out of the brush.

Then, rub some more MOS into the brush and then grab the end of the bristles between your thumb and forefinger and gently move the bristles from side to side. Rinse and repeat as necessary. This process releases the paint that accumulates near the ferrule (metal casing that attaches the bristles to the handle) which is more difficult to remove.

If you are patient enough, you can restore an older brush with a build up of paint to a somewhat new-like condition. Cleaning your brushes after each painting session when the paint is still wet will extend the life of your brushes.

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