Saturday, February 12, 2011

Middle Cove - Part 2

Rocks....beach rocks....lots and lots of beach rocks.....tedious yet so rewarding when completed.

I enjoyed painting these more than I thought I would. So I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure I'd want to tackle another similar painting in the next few weeks, but I am looking forward to my next beach rock painting - whenever that might be.

I completed the drawing of the young boy waiting for the capelin to arrive before I painted the rocks, but you can see some "cheating" behind where the boy will eventually sit in the painting. I spent some time doing the "squiggles" before I started painting the beach rocks. (Shout out to Don Short for the tip!!!) This made placing the rocks much easier as you could make rocks out of the squiggles. You don't have to exactly follow the squiggles, but I think it went alot faster than if I was free-handing them one at a time. I used 6 tones/shades plus white and payne's grey to paint the rocks.

So obviously I have to paint the young boy, some capelin fishing accessories, and the waves breaking.....that should be Part 3 I would suspect. Hopefully you will have Part 3 as the final chapter on this painting in the next few days....


  1. It looks really good so far. I'll bet its impressive in real life.

  2. Great job - I can't imagine how much patience you need to do this.


  3. Looks amazing!!!! I cannot wait to see the finished product.