Friday, January 7, 2011

New Paintings

I have 3 paintings in progress so far this year....

One is WAY overdue and barely started (a commission of sorts) of Middle Cove during Capelin season,

One is for me - a large 30" x 50" gallery canvas of the opening scene in Indiana Jones Last Crusade and/or Austin Power's Goldmember in The Arches National Park - taken during our 30-day driving excursion in 2009 through 5 Provinces and 25 States with puppy,

and One is for hopefully selling - a monochromatic in yellow/gold tones of 3 lonely trees....

The plan is to at least finish the lonely trees tomorrow and start in on the Middle Cove piece. The Arches takes up the entire kitchen table to paint, so it's hard to get that one out and going for any length of time.

I'll post pix soon of these in progress....I think I'll post the monochromatic in the Featured Work section when it is completed....stay tuned!

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