Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feature Work Updated

I've just posted my first Featured on the "Featured Work" tab at the top of the page next to "Artist Statement" to check it out.

Just finished packing supplies for my first classes of the new year - Winter Scene at Wedgewood Park and Teddy Bear at Mews. Both full....looking forward to getting back to the teaching.

Now on to some more painting......this one is for my students in the Artist's Choice sessions....I've been threatening to show them the first painting I ever completed...a still life of fruit. I was so proud of it when I completed it, now I hide it away! So, I'm always preaching practice is the key, I decided to show I'm re-painting the still life for comparison. Trying to get this one finished before Thursday's Artist's Choice class....which means all I have time to devote to it is today or Wednesday night...wish me luck!

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