Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Focus on...House of Diamonds Art Gallery

I've been with the House of Diamonds Art Gallery (HODA) now for 3 seasons. I have always done well with my original artwork here at this Gallery and this year I've also brought out some art reproductions and gift items (matted art reproductions, art coasters, and note cards).

A little about the history of HODA, from their website:

"The Facility exists to promote the area’s artists and artisans, to establish an artists cooperative, to invite members into it from around the province. It is hoped that by the year 2013 it may be a fully functional gallery, retail shop and art studios with the ability to promote and sell Nfld. and Lab. art nationally and internationally.

On a municipal level the facility operates as a public venue for artists and artisans, with studios and meeting rooms. As well as painting, drawing and photography, it is hoped that fabric art, rug and mat hooking, pottery, Glass mosaics, sculpture, woodcraft arts and other more broadly defined activities will develop. It is hoped this will increase the public use of the facility.

The first is the gallery. The Gallery consists of rooms on the ground level and upper story. It exhibits art from local, regional and provincial artists. It also displays student art from the annual Glovertown Academy "May is Art Month" exhibition. Not all work is for sale, and where art work is sold it is done on a consignment basis.

The second component is the studio. This is the renovated warehouse on the old Diamond property and is currently dedicated to painting, and photography as well as providing the Grinnin' and Pickin' group (local musicians who get together as members of GAAC) with a place to hold jam sessions. In the further there are plans to develop the basement and construct an outer building which would house among other things a Photographic dark room and Pottery Kilns.

The third component is the retail section. Here, the products of local artists and artisans are for sale. This section also contains the administrative office."

The House of Diamonds is located at the center of Glovertown, in the heart of beautiful Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland.

For more information on HODA, please visit their website:

"Icicle Shadows"
Acrylic on Canvas
Original Available at HODA

Purple Dreams
Acrylic on Canvas
Original Available at HODA

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