Monday, June 23, 2014

Focus on....Cable Crafts in Heart's Content

I was fortunate enough to be approached in 2013 about displaying my gift items at Cable Crafts, which is located in the Heart's Content Cable Station. Heart's Content is a small community on Trinity Bay located on the Baccalieu Trail on Highway 80 just 1.5 hours from St. John's, NL.

From the Provincial Historic Sites website:

"In July 1866, after nine years and several unsuccessful attempts, the first permanent telegraph cable connecting Europe and North America was hauled ashore at Heart's Content. This little Newfoundland town leaped into the history books and remained a global communications hub for over a century. The cable station opened the world to the outport men and women who worked here and remains a time capsule of the communications technology that connected us all right up to the 1960s.

Heart's Content Cable Station today consists of an 1875 office building and a 1918 extension. Exhibits focus on the history of telegraphy and the role Heart's Content played in the industry. The cable station remained part of the Western Union Inc.'s international cable system until the facility was closed in 1965 after trans-ocean telephone cable and satellite communication made its technology obsolete."

Most items in Cable Crafts are handcrafted by local craftspeople. This year I have several gift items depicting my artwork, including porcelain ornaments, note cards, art reproductions, and art coasters. New for this year, I have painted 3 original paintings that depict not only Heart's Content (the historic lighthouse), but neighbouring communities of Cavendish and Whiteway. These small original paintings are also at Cable Crafts this year.

If you have a chance to drive the Baccalieu trail this summer and drive down the Trinity Bay portion, drop in to Cable Crafts!

Heart's Content Lighthouse
Original and Art Reproductions Available

Cavendish Sheds
Acrylic on Canvas
Original and Art Reproductions Available

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