Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - Year in Review

Well, 2012 is almost over. I reviewed my 2012 goals and the results are in Green Text. My 2013 goals are being developed and will be ready early in January. I think I will have fairly drastic changes in my approach to 2013, so stay tuned!
Artist Goals 2012: To continue to find avenues to learn, produce and display artwork.
·Continue to increase my knowledge of various painting techniques and styles through online courses and/or local workshops. I've been participating in some webinar courses by Johannes Vloothuis, and will continue to do so throughout the year, as long as he keeps offering them... Johannes has been quiet lately for the summer, but I've got a few new things lined up that I'm going to try, including monotype printing. Still no further courses from Johannes, but I have tried, and really like, monotype printing. I have several original monotypes available and they are selling well. I've particiapted in a couple of webinars in coloured pencil and pastels. So not a bad year for learning.
·Start a monthly painting challenge where we will focus on a particular technique or subject to explore. I have posted 2 painting challenges so far this year, not quite monthly... Ok, perhaps quarterly would be better....another challenge to be posted soon. So this didn't go quite as planned...a few challenges were thrown out and completed. Determined to have a schedule for this in 2013.
·Start a “create together” day once a month for the members of Arts Northeast to learn from each other, and perhaps have guest participants to increase our knowledge. Attempted, but have not been able to meet due to changing work schedules, snowbirds, and weather. Should start in June. More delays....but we have a date set for August 18th! I participated in a couple of monotype create togethers which were great fun! A schedule has been developed for the first 6 months of 2013 for the "create together" opportunities. 
·Create a defined body of work (10-20 pieces) using a theme. Have started this...a lot of research completed and 2 pieces painted. Distracted by painting for the Arts Northeast exhibition. I had anticipated if we had 2 shows this year with Arts Northeast, then this goal will span into 2013 as well. One more is sketched out and ready to go up on the easel to paint! Reviewed my list of ideas for next paintings....going to work on one when I finish this update. Currently have a canvas on the easel as part of this project. Need to plan further paintings for this project in 2013.
·Create up to 30 pieces of artwork for 2 exhibitions in 2012 with Arts Northeast. Created 14 new pieces for the May show. On target if we have 2 exhibitions.... Another exhibition scheduled for November 1st....stay tuned for more info as it becomes of at least 6 new pieces for this.... A total of 49 peices created this year. Exceeded my goal!!!
·Spend more time sketching/drawing by completing one small piece per week. Not quite one a week, but art is moving forward. Ok, not so much, but have plans to pack my coloured pencils and sketchbook for vacation! Four pieces created while on vacation, and four pieces of Artsy Doodles.
·Complete more plein air paintings. It's Newfoundland....way to cold to venture out for this yet. This is strictly a summer/fall activity. Ok, so can you beleive its been TOO HOT? Yes, no plein aire yet.... Two pieces created while on vacation.
·Complete several winter/Christmas theme artwork. One completed and one sketched in ready to go.... Too hot to think about One on the easel now, won't be finished until 2013.
·Increase my online presence through use of facebook, my website, my blog and online art stores, such as Kijiji, Fine Art America, Etsy, and Zazzle. Original artwork and photography online with Fine Art America, Etsy, and ImageKind. Prints listed on Kijiji. Now posting with Twitter. New blog set up for Arts Northeast. Completing free online tutorials on a variety of painting subjects for my website for student use. New tutorial almost ready to roll out on paint brushes. Keeping other online avenues up and running.... New tutorial on brushes is completed. New products on Zazzle. New website being designed and is launching January 1st, 2013. Sneak peak today!!!
·Explore venues for two exhibitions with Arts Northeast. One exhibition complete...decision on second one for this year tomorrow. Second exhibition and sale a go for November 1st. More details to come. Worked with Children's Wish Foundation - NL Chapter for an art auction to support the charity. Went well, some lessons learnt, and hopefully will be able to partner again next year and do even better!
·Explore venues for exhibitions outside of the Northeast Avalon. Contacted one gallery and working on a few others. Delaying until 2013. Actually went ahead and have several original paintings outside the Avalon in 2 galleries - Picture Frame in Gander and House of Diamonds Art Gallery in Glovertown.
·Submit artwork to juried and non-juried art competitions/exhibits locally and globally. Have passed on this so far this year...subjects of local exhibits have not struck my fancy at this time. Again, nothing has struck my fancy yet...tried to complete a painting for one local exhibition, but time was not on my side. Still nothing struck my fancy. Maybe next year, but not a focus for 2013.
Not a bad year overall....looking forward to 2013!

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