Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Galleries and Shops - Update

I've been busy after our May 6th exhibition and sale with some marketing ventures....I'm glad to say that I have original paintings on display in two locations locally and a few more to come soon.

Saturday I dropped off 4 pieces to Five Island Gallery in Tors Cove. They are located on 7 Cove Road in Tors Cove in the old schoohouse with a fabulous view of the bay and islands. I met with Owner/Operator Laura Coultas in the morning and left the following original paintings with her for the Gallery - Afloat, Aristotle's Lantern, Bog Dweller, and Off the Beaten Path. It is a lovely drive to Tors Cove (and beyond)....drop in to visit with Laura or her parents and take a look at some great artwork by many local artists.

The second stop was to The Bird House and Binocular Shop at 124 Duckworth Street in the heart of downtown St. John's. I had contacted the Bird House as I enjoy painting birds (and other wildlife) and thought my paintings would fit well with the store. I met with Babs Taylor and she was very excited by my original artwork and she even decided to take some paintings that didn't feature birds (a butterfly and dragonfly) as well as some prints, photography, and hand-painted glass suncatchers. She was very excited about my artwork and the birds I featured and I have a few more in mind to paint shortly. You can view my original artworks - Blue (blue jay), Keeping Watch (puffin), Wren & Cattails, Out of the Fog (loon), Swallowtail (butterfly), and Ready for Flight (darner dragonfly). She also has my prints of Viking Vinland (crow) and The Window (owl), my original photos of crows (3 different ones), and my hand-painted glass suncatchers (puffin and crow). Drop by to visit with Babs and see her wonderful store full of all things birds (and binoculars). She may even tell you a tale or sing a song for you!

I have a few more galleries and locations that will be updated and carrying my artwork by the end of May....stay tuned for further updates!

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