Sunday, February 5, 2012

A is for Apple - Challenge Results

I finished my challenge painting a few days ago but only got a chance to photograph it and post tonight.

I tried to paint it "loosy-goosy", but alas, that is quite a challenge for the obsessive compulsive

I can see a few things I could have done differently, but challenges are to mission accomplished! It seems I like Red Delicious more than I like McIntosh! I will try another version before the deadline is up on February 20th.

Here is the original photo for reference....

I look forward to seeing everyone's painting challenge!!!

Here are another couple of my apple paintings....

This second one I decided to again try to be looser with the painting AND only give myself 10 minutes to complete the whole painting.

And then since I still had paint on my palette, I decided to revert back to my childhood and finger paint! This one is definitely looser! LOL

It seems that you can't post pix in comments of blogger, so I will post pictures for anyone who wishes to have their posted!

Some of my students have completed the challenge already.....

Here is Carol's version.....great job Carol! And nice addition of leaves!

And Ron decided to add some fun to his version....apparently Eve just shouldn't have taken that bite!

And some have asked me to post Jeanette's versions as they are, just remember I have posted a link to each of these from her blog, where she explains her thoughts on each version.

Version #1 - in oils....

And Cersion #2 in pastels....

Don't forget to complete your challenge before the deadline February 20th!!! Send me your photo and I'll post it here!!!


  1. Love that luscious red against the green.

    I've got another version that I'm working on too. I'll post it next week.

    Are you linking to images that people do?

    1. I've been asking people to post their version on the blog...but I can link as well....

      Here is Jeanette's first version of the apple....

    2. And here is Jeanette's second version...this time in pastels....