Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Photo Contest

Due to the popularity of the last photo contest I had, I thought I'd do another!
The Rules.....
  • the photo must have been taken by you;
  • you must allow me to paint the photo and sell it as original artwork and/or prints,
  • you must agree to let me use the photo and subsequent painting in promotions, and
  • you give up rights to any other form of compensation from my painting of your photo (with the exception of the prize listed below).
The Prize.....
Your prize is an artist quality reproduction on canvas of the painting in a size of my choosing. I will retain the original painting for collection or for sale. If you live out of town, or out of the province, I will ship your prize to you free.
The Theme.... anything related to snow, ice, Christmas...all things winter!
The Date to Submit.....
I know...hard time of year....but gotta paint winter in the summer to be ready for winter.....AUGUST 15 is your deadline....submit to
Submit as many photos as you like....and pass this blog on to anyone you think might be interested....and since there were so many fabulous photos to choose from last year, there may even be more than one prize winner this time!
You can check out last year's winner...."Bidin' my Time" under the Limited Edition Prints section of my website
Good luck and thanks for playing!

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