Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Challenges - They will help you grow

So we had another meeting of our group Arts Northeast last night. We talked art, our upcoming show, our current running show, and puppy (Taz had to visit with the visitors!)....

Among other things we've decided to do...first of which was a plein air session last weekend.....a challenge. Something we all have to paint as an exercise to grow as artists. Just a small piece.

So we elected Randy to pick first. We have to paint something using our non-dominant hand. Sounds bad, but I'm sure as time and challenges go on, we'll be more creative (which means the subjects will get harder and harder!). This one is due in just about 2 weeks.

Good news is, I have done that before. When I was teaching One Stroke at Micheals, I knew there would be a difference between those who were right handed and those who were left handed. Not anything bad, but the natural direction would be opposite for them for most of the strokes. So I decided to try my left hand just to see.....It wasn't that bad.

So, One Stroke flowers it is for me for this challenge! HA Cheating? Not really, but I'm good with it either way! Stroke work can be quite challenging in itself.

Stay tuned...I'll post my painting when it is complete. Maybe I'll do the same one with my right hand too, just for comparison....I can just haul out an old sample I suspect and then just do the new one with my left hand. Hmmm.....which flower to do?

I guess you should stay tuned for what exciting and innovative challenges we all come up with as time goes on. Who knows what we'll come up with. Any suggestions?

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