Friday, January 30, 2015

Are you a Winner? You could be!!!!

My "Everyone's a Winner" Contest has been going quite well....I have gotten many submissions and I even have a few paintings completed already! AND YOU could have your own original painting from one of your photos!

Deadline is tomorrow...check out the details below and submit your photo!

A couple of examples of completed paintings and their original photos are below:


The "Everyone's A Winner" CONTEST! Yes, I'm serious.....I need your help and you can win an original painting or sketch for helping me.

I'm looking for photos (they must be your own) of places in Newfoundland and Labrador. EVERYONE who submits a photo will receive a painting or sketch of their submission. You can submit more than one photo, but you may only receive ONE painting or sketch.

Also, several of the submitted photos will be chosen as subjects for larger artwork. The owners of these select chosen photos will also receive a reproduction of the completed artwork.

Deadline to enter is January 31st. You can submit the photos to me on Facebook, or by sending them in an e-mail to

By submitting photo(s), you are agreeing that you own the copyright of the photo and give me permission to use it for artwork and/or art reproductions with no further compensation, other than what is listed above.


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