Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last Painting of 2013?

Maybe, maybe might be the last painting of 2013 but gets finished in all depends on how much time I have to myself in the next few days.

But the sun came out here today for a little while (in between snowstorms..another scheduled for tomorrow), so I put a nice sunny painting back up on the large easel.

I don't have much done except basecoating in the major shapes yet....But it is certainly a nice bright change from snow, more snow and freezing cold temps!

May have a snow day yet tomorrow from we'll see if any painting gets done then.

This painting is one of the few flowers that I didn't take the photograph of....thanks to my Aunt Michele's friend Shannon who entered this unique view of a sunflower into one of my contests and was kind enough to give me permission to paint it.

Keep checking back to see the progress on this painting. I'll probably need some help naming it as well! Hint hint!

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