Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall was onto Winter it seems...

Fall was fun because classes had started again, then we went for our annual vacation (this time California, Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico), then home for a week to try and catch up, then away to Ontario for work (and got to see some relatives, but not all). Now I'm back and trying to catch up some more, especially with Christmas right around the corner! I think I may have almost all of my Christmas shopping finished, which is good since next weekend we are heading to Glenwood to visit good friends who are home and then my in-laws will be out the next weekend, so I had to get it done!

So, no time to paint yet...have completed my 2012 art calendars - 3 versions this year - general artwork, and 2 themed (flowers and landscapes). They are ready to pre-order. New for this year are hand-painted glass blocks. And getting the usual assortment of art cards and art coasters ready for sale. I'm bringing examples to new work and old work and also getting ready for the 2nd annual Christmas fair in Torbay on December 11. And 3 nights of teaching for Nov/Dec painting time for me it seems for a bit....

I had wanted to get some Christmas paintings done this year, but with Arts Northeast having 2 exhibitions this year, it just didn't happen...I guess I'll do it for next year.

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